Heute wurde von THQ Nordic und Piranha Bytes ein dritter Patch auf Steam veröffentlicht. Der Patch behebt unter anderem Plotstopper und viele weitere Bugs. Wenn ihr auf "Weiterlesen" klickt, könnt ihr die vollständigen Patchnotes lesen!

Fixed unwanted dialog break ups, which could cause potential plotstoppers
Fixed wrong behaviour of Eva if Jax has committed a crime
Fixed Gregor, who had strange behaviour after completing the "What doesn’t kill" you quest
Fixed plot killers with some main characters who died by mistake
Fixed incorrect kill quest amounts of targets
Fixed plot killer at the gates of the main former, which remained closed after completing the main quest at this point
Fixed situation, where Tilas and Marwin could not get back to work after their conversation
Fixed some key bindings issues
Fixed a situation, where Irissa could not talk to Jax after she has spoken to Skibor.

Please notice: In some cases where Skibor wasn't moving in front of the gates, he should now walk straight to Irissa. This might take a while and during this state Irissa won't talk to Jax. Just wait after Skibor reaches her and both had their smalltalk.

Fixed certain items, that could not be picked
Fixed some linguistic errors
Prices were displayed in quantity popup and total cost did not match the actual price with the haggler skill
Fixed parts of the destruction bar were visible on teach screen
Fixed flickering of occluded highlighted objects
Fixed damage value for plasma cannon MK 2 Normal
Fixed wrong behaviour of Vivian due to committed crimes by Jax in certain areas
Grenade launchers are craftable now
Fixed a bug, where vegetation on meshes were missing
Fixed a bug in Jax's hitpoints by adding and removing constitution points
Fixed climbing issue, no jump when evading after hanging on a ledge
Fixed climbing issue, let go when pressing the evade button
Fixed deadly weather zones, no more resistances into account
Removed rushed movements, when the target is not reachable
Fixed improper loot of one of Craig's bandits
Holding a shield will no longer make the back immune to projectiles.
Fixed a bug, Jax might be unable to speak to Caja or she will not join back to the Sixth Power
Fixed a bug, where Crony stayed in combat after a teleport
Fixed a situation, where Vakis might get stuck at the gates of the Fort
Fixed Khan is not stuck anymore after the dialog with Asmir in certain situations
Savety fix for the 6th Power sub quests were not given when interacting with Adam
Fixed problems, when Jax was hit while lockpicking
Bugfix for "Text” may be displayed instead of icons, when the training menu is opened the first time
Fixed improper cancel option during the end screen
Fixed a bug, where user were able to upgrade any weapon without losing the two copies needed in the upgrading process
Fixed incorrect behaviour of Tilas after smalltalk with Vakis
Fixed Voice of Khan not interacting with Jax after he has spoken to Ruben and fulfilled his duty
Added safety mechanism for Skibor if he did not go to Irissa after he had guided Jax to the depot
Fixed wrong item name appearing, when pickpocketing a NPC
Adjusted ditch check if subtitles should be visible if voice and text language are the same
Added safety mechanism for NPCs with problem to continue their routine after cutscenes