You already know our review, but what do the german and international press think of the game? We want to give you a brief overview.

As always, the German press is predominantly positive, but a little more cautious than with the first game. The Gamestar praises the open world and some improvements, but criticizes the story. They give a rating of 80%, which is at the lower end of the rating trend from their preliminary test. The same rating comes from Gamersglobal, who not only praise the game world but also the quest design, but criticize a weak combat system. Gamestar's sister magazine, Gamepro, awards 75% and criticizes old problems and the story, but praises the character development and a lot of freedom in the open world. The PC Games also criticize the standstill in PBs games with weak technology and staging, but see plus points in quests and the world, especially in the first half of the game. This is followed by a rating of 7/10.

The Test from Gameswelt comes without a rating. Here, too, the first few hours and the game world are praised, but the technology and combat system are critical. Giga even gave it an 8.2/10 and judged that the proven formula still works despite its shortcomings. Eurogamer also join the tenor and emphasize the pretty world, but find critical words about the story and the fight. They do not give a recommendation. According to Der Standard, fans of Piranha Bytes should like the game, but everyone else should consider buying it better. also praise the quest design and a lot of freedom in the open world and the character system, but find critical comments about the outdated technology and the combat system. They award 81%. You can find an overview of the German-language reviews in our german review overview.

The international reviews see Elex 2 mostly more cautiously than the German press: Gamepressure describes the game as an improvement, but criticizes the "jank" and awards it a 7.0. Rock Paper Shotgun found the characters "unpleasant" and God is a geek criticized significantly more and only rated the game with a 5.0. Cog connected, on the other hand, praises the open world, but also criticizes the narrative and mechanics. Nevertheless, it is still enough for a rating of 70%. Gamerant on the other hand, sees Elex 2 very positively and awards it a whopping 4.5/5. They find that Elex 2 puts other open world games to shame and improves on its predecessor tenfold. Twinfinite also see the game positively and praise the jetpack, world and quests. They mostly criticize the combat and give Elex 2 a 4/5. IGN see the game rather negatively and criticize the combat and technical problems, awarding a 4/10. In his video review, Jeremy Penter from ACG awards the game a 'wait for sale' rating. You can find more international reviews in our english review overview.