English previews about Elex, ordered by date.

Name Datum Beschreibung
Preview and Interview by RPG Codex 23th Nov 2016 "This is pretty much Gothic with Guns. And it is the game that will have to show the world that Piranha Bytes still got it. After the disappointing sequels to Risen, they have to prove that they can still work the same kind of magic that made the Gothics so great."
Interview by GamingBolt 24th Jan 2017 "It’s not easy creating a new action RPG IP, especially one in a new universe that combines science fiction with fantasy. The challenge is especially interesting for Piranha Bytes, the developer of ELEX which is better known for its work on the Gothic and Risen series. What separates ELEX from those other franchises and how does it compare to today’s standard for open world action RPG action?"
Preview by Destructoid 11th Mar 2017 "Much to my surprise, ELEX is possibly more open-ended than Zelda. You’re given total freedom to explore any area of the game. If you see a distant mountain, you can travel to it. If any of the NPC’s look at you wrong, you can kill them. If you feel like giving the middle finger to the main quest, go right ahead. The game world will compensate for that lack of quest giver and allow some other option for progression. That sounds an awful lot like Morrowind."
Preview by US Gamer 30th Mar 2017 "The Gothic and Risen games weren't always grand polished technical masterpieces, but they were enjoyable RPGs. For the time being, it looks like ELEX is heading in the right direction: a solid RPG that straddles the line between science fiction and fantasy."