The year 2020 will certainly not pass by without leaving any traces for us gamers. Due to the pandemic, the games industry is also subject to many changes. Game release dates are postponed, presentations are canceled and events such as trade fairs, such as Gamescom, are only available virtually or they do not even take place.
We are all the more pleased that we can present something very special to you at this time, namely "Insights into the Piranha Bytes Team 2020". Because Piranha Bytes presents itself for us with their team!

The developers at Piranha Bytes were nice enough to answer our questions and let the camera take their pictures for you. This allowed us to create brand new profiles of most of members of the team, in which the Piranhas introduce themselves. So now you can get to know the current team behind Gothic, Risen and Elex better! What are their favorite games? What features do the Piranhas want to see in other games? And where do they actually get their inspiration from?

Answers to these questions and everything else you always wanted to know can be found in the profiles in the profile overview.

Just click on the preview portraits to get to the individual profiles!

At this point, a big thank you goes to Piranha Bytes for their effort and patience and to our team, which has worked on it for a long time: "Thanks guys, you are great!"
But now we wish you a lot of fun reading and browsing.
Your World of Elex team