The Piranhas have been kind enough to wish us all the best with the release of our website! To celebrate this, and courtesy of our good friend Arthus of Kap Dun, owner of the Piranha Fanart Portal, we can bring you 3 new ELEX artworks:

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    • An artwork of Goliet, the main camp of the Berserkers. Here the inhabitants focus as much as possible on living in harmony with nature. They try to avoid technology and the use of the Elex (except for conversion to Mana) and build their dwellings, in an age-old tradition, out of wood. Goliet is in Edan, a large land covered in foliage and coniferous forests where nature clearly has the upper hand.

      The Burrower He is clearly marked by Elex and was "upgraded" by the Albs (visible metallic elements installed in his body). He is a merciless hunter and is widespread. It is found in the free lands, and is also a true companion in the positions held by the Albs.

      The Cyclops is also a modified mutant marked by Elex. He is a very dangerous and tough enemy. Rarely has someone who had an encounter with him survived. His modifications, especially his eye, sharpen his senses and his size does the rest. Unsuspecting opponents are easy prey.