Yesterday Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic released a new patch (version 1.0.107) for Elex 2 on Steam that fixes some bugs. There is also an optional beta patch that gives Elex 2 DirectX 12 as the graphics API. This version requires another 27.4GB download and takes a longer time to load on first launch (presumably to compile shaders).

Players report significantly improved performance in processor-critical areas like camps. At one point in the crater, our CPU performance increased from 30 to 80 frames per second! However, there are also reports of reduced visibility and non-working anti-aliasing. For the full changes of the update and how to enable the DirectX 12 beta, please click "Read more"!

Thank you all for your feedback regarding performance issues for Elex 2! Today we are introducing the "Public Test Branch" for "Elex 2".

You can join the Public Test Branch by simply activating the branch "ElexIIDX12" on the "Betas" tab in the Properties of the ELEX II app in the Steam client.

First boot up of the DX12 version can take quite some time, do let it load

ELEX II DX12 beta also comes with the changes that just happened to DX11, here is the changelog:

- Fixed 'Glory to the Rabble' quest not being closed if the player joins the Albs
- Changed: The option stepper does not repeat when clicking the buttons using the mouse
- Crane will no longer be mentioned in "Recruiting for Heinrich" if the Player hasn't started "A bounty for Crane" yet.
- Fix works only if "Food for Crane" is still available.
- Added: Overlay if settings option need a restart of the app
- Fixed a bug where the "Voice of Khan" was unresponsive after dueling with Ruben
- Fixed some perk learn glitches
- Changed inconsistent naming of certain swords
- Changed fire texture size
- Fixed text errors
- Fixed certain graphics setting bugs
- Fixed too large VFX textures
- Bugfix in trade menu while reverting a sale when the player has no money
- Jax is now able to parry with twohanded weapons in certain situations
- Fixed certain GPU memory fragmention problems
- Fixed graphical issues
- Fixed text errors
- Fixed navigation issues of certain NPCs
- Fixed unwanted far distance visibility of Azok
- Fixed Hector not teaching thievery stuff
- Fixed Tilas not speaking with Marwin or Sid if the player had not spoken to him before
- Trolls roots are plants now
- Fixed Icon for damaged crossbow
- Jax is able to use the jetpack while falling after stumbling off a cliff now
- Fixed hit effects for rusty colossus robots
- Fixed graphical issues of certain meshes