Just in time for the weekend, Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic have released a new patch for Elex II on Steam. The update 1.0.85 adds an alternative camera due to complaints from numerous players about the in-game camera. This can be activated in the gameplay options and prevents the camera from zooming out while running by always having the camera zoomed out. In addition, a few bugged quests that previously made it impossible to complete those quests will be fixed. Also, according to initial reports, a bug with Irissa that was holding up the Albs joining quest has been fixed. A video of how the new camera works can be found here:

The full patch notes are:

- Added alternative game camera
- Fixed bug in certain quest with Crane
- Bugfix for Skyands boss Haraac could not be found
- Bugfixes for certain NPCs, who could not find their way, like Skibor
- Fixed bug at Adam in terms of the quest of the 6th Power subquests
- Fixed a bug where Chloe won't let the player proceed during certain quest situations

According to the announcement, the patch will also be available on the other platforms shortly.