Now a few months have passed again and as a player one can't help but wonder when PB's next game will finally be announced. In the past few days and weeks, Piranha Bytes have given some hints about their next project, which is very likely to be Elex 2. Jenny from Piranha Bytes emphasizes in our forum that the project is taking big leaps and will be announced this year, although it shouldn't be long.

PB have revealed a few more details about the game: They still use their own engine, but there will be new tech and gameplay features. The game is also quite ambitious. Björn and Jenny also give another update in a video from Piranha Becken TV (from 15:48). Accordingly, the team is making good progress and the game seems to be finished in terms of content. It is currently in Quality Assurance. And in another video, they mention that they improved the shooter elements significantly. (Thanks to community member Scrembol for the hints!)