Update: As you likely noticed by now, this news is an April Fool joke of course. Risen 4 hasn't been announced and we won't close the website. But maybe we'll find out what PB's next game actually is in the course of this year...

Surprisingly, Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic announced the development of Risen 4 - Return to Faranga today. As the title already indicates, in the new game you will return to the island from the first series installment. In the process you will reprise the role of the nameless hero from Risen 1 and 2, who only had a short cameo in Risen 3. And as the first screenshots show, you will again spent a lot of time in the underground temples and dungeons populated by monsters. But the surface is going to be a lot more volcanic this time. Today we're not getting to see that though.

Also clearly visible on the screenshots are the much improved graphics compared to the first Risen game from ten years ago. The fact that we're getting only a few pictures and a little information today isn't unusual though. Because, as you might remember, Elex was also announced via a press release and an artwork only. The development of Risen 4 by Piranha Bytes was likely enabled by the takeover of Koch Media/Deep Silver by THQ Nordic more than a year ago. The newest installment of the popular fantasy RPG series will be released fall 2020.

Short notice: We might not be a Risen fanpage, but because of our closeness to Piranha Bytes, we did decide to report nontheless. This way, visitors on our site will know that Elex 2 isn't expected to release anytime soon. Thus, this is likely going to be the last news for a couple of years here.