Based on Gronkh's Elex preview we had made a nearly complete world map a month ago. With yesterday's preview video by PC Games, in which further parts of the world map were revealed, we were able to further complete our map with additional screenshots.

We have put the image into the full news because of spoilers. In order to see it, just click on "Read more"!

You can clearly see the 5 regions of the world: The lush Edan in the south, the central region of Abessa, the icy Xacor in the north, the desert Tavar in the south east and finally Ignadon in the east. Most regions are fully complete, so that an estimated 95% of the whole map can be seen here. The world is indeed really large!

In contrast to this image of the world map from the Collector's Edition, Ignadon indeed isn't the largest region in the game by far, because a large area in the south of the region doesn't seem to be accessible.