GamingBolt have released an interview with Jenny and Björn from Piranha Bytes. There, the two developers talk about why they wanted to develop Elex:

We’ve been developing open-world fantasy RPGs for the last 20 years, and so we felt that there’s time for something new. But on the other hand, we love to create fantasy games with a lot of freedom in a simulated, living game world, so we thought we should stick to that, but approach it from a new angle. So, we were looking for something that has more stark contrasts, and gives us more gameplay possibilities, without being stale at the same time, and so we ended up with our science-fantasy setting.

Something interesting can be read about the combat system as well:

For ELEX we’ve created the combat system from scratch. We want players to have complete control over their different attacks, but without making the controls too complicated. Let’s just say, we really dislike just plain button mashing, but are aware that many players just want to enjoy the story, and so we developed something that’s both accessible and challenging at the same time. The key here lies in the AI behavior of the enemies.

Other topics are the factions, the different weapons in the game, quests and more. The complete interview in english can be found at GamingBolt's website.